Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I did it! The turkey turned out wonderful - at least, no one has complained that I have poisoned them. The potatos, which I did not enjoy, were a giant hit. No one ate the green beans but me, but I think they were wonderful. The gravy was delectable if not perfectly smooth - matzo flour thickened it but retained some of its " grain-y-ness " if I can make up my own words to describe it.

The salad was - as usual - completely gone. The fruit salad - yummy by those who ate it.

All in all, it was great. The breast of the turkey was done WAAAAAAAAAAY before the leg was, but I did manage to get the leg / thigh temp to standard before drying out teh breast. In fact, the breast was very very moist - probably the " butter deep basting " it endured. I won't buy a turkey with it again - I found it had a slightly greasy after taste.

All in all though, it was a great night. I was gifted very generously and will be buying myself a new wardrobe. I will learn to love this body shape while I attempt to fix it - shirts and such that fit now will fit later as well, but a few more pairs of jeans will round out my wardrobe. And new shoes. I need new shoes!

For those interested in buying Robby a gift : He will be getting a bicylcle from one grandmother. Other things on our wishlist : an art easel for painting outside, painting supplies ( paint, paper, smock, brushes ) a helmet for the bicycle, and clothes in 3t ( 4t for t shirts is fine as well ).

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