Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Boris!!!

Happy Birthday Boris!!! Hope there are MANY more!!

Someone informed me that they are having trouble posting comments. Please make sure that you are SIGNED in before posting. If it still doesn't work, I'll attempt to figure it out!

Robby seems to have recovered except for a mild cough when he is over active, as he was tonight. He did eat very well for breakfast - a pancake, apple sauce and chocolate milk. He had a piece of toast for lunch ( breakfast was at 11, dinner at 6.... ) and sausage, potatoes and part of a chicken burger for dinner. Its always a good sign when he is eating!

Here he is today. He certainly needs a haircut!

Mila is doing fantastic!!! She's a little sleepy today, but thats normal for her. She slept fairly well during her naps but was very fussty during her awake time. We found a pacifier that she seems to like better - hopefully this will help her out in the long run. Here SHE is today.

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