Saturday, March 17, 2007

Good Pukey Morning!

Good morning! Robby seems to be feeling much better this morning, though we had some massive running nose issues for a few minutes. He sounds much clearer and no more complaining about his ear hurting. He also was FINALLY hungry last night - He ate maybe 1/2 a kid sized portion of pasta, including 1/2 a meatball. Then he had a popsicle, and a piece of toast with butter! YAY! We will be starting breakfast soon, and I'm going to attempt a decent sized pancake, some applesauce, and juice.

Mila is doing wonderful. She was ultra fussy las tnight but calmed down and did a decent job of nursing over night. However, she over nursed this morning and when I handed her to Alex so I could help Robby, she puked all over Daddy's shoulder , pillow, and his side of the bed. At least it was on his side!!

I am going to ATTEMPT some pictures today... I took one yesterday but it was very very hectic and I never got to post it!

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