Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy ( Belated) Birthday, MILA!!!

Happy birthday, baby girl! Yesterday, you were one month old! We " celebrated" by going to Galaxyland, which is infinetly more enjoyable for your brother than for you. We are having Grandma Sophia and Grandpa Boris tonight for dessert, as well as Uncle Michael, and both great - grandmothers too!!! I tried to take some pictures of you - boy, were you grumpy today!!! Mama is pretty grumpy too... You and your brother were awake most of the night, and then you, my dearest Mila-shka, you were up at seven in the morning. I dislike seven am. Incredibly dislike!

Yesterday, I also took Mila to be weighed at the local drop in clinic for babies. What a porker! Despite all the comments on how teeny tiny she is, she's gained more than a pound in a month! If Mila was to gain one pound every month, by the time she is one year old, she would weigh close to 20 pounds. Of course, once she starts solid food at six months, she'll gain much faster than 1 lb a month. So, her weight gain is PERFECT! Doctors expect babies to have tripled their birth weight by one year. She will, at this rate, achieve that just fine!

Robby was spectacularly well behaved yesterday while we were out. All the nurses at the clinic remarked on how delightfully good he was . I was duly impressed! When we got home, I made him his favorite lunch - noodles - and let him watch some cartoons. He promptly fell asleep, which is why he didn't go to bed. Say it with me now.... DUH Mommy!!!

Despite the utter and total lack of sleep, I accomplished quite a bit today! I baked 12 cupcakes ( could have made 24... but we don't need that many! ), 24 cookies, and I will be making fruit salad tonight as well.

Here are some pictures.

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