Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why wearing a skirt is life changing...

Tomorrow will mark the end of my self imposed " Skirt Week".

It has been life changing, and in a good way. I don't really quite understand it, but wearing pants has really lowered my self esteem. Even NICE pants. Isn't that strange? There are curves to this post baby body that I do not appreciate the world seeing, pieces of me that are battle scars from bearing three children into this world. It irks me to worry about the shape of my body, and I feel that pants accentuate that in the possible way. Then there is the issue of *DESIGN*. Ill fitting pants are as forgiving as a concrete wall. If your body shape doesn't match the shape of the jeans exactly, fabric will bag, bunch, and otherwise look ICK. I can't wear low rise jeans - which is practically all that is available at the moment. Current fashion dictates ultra low rise skinny legged jeans right now. I might as well well stuff myself into a sausage casing.

But skirts... there is something inherently womanly about skirts. They are forgiving of curves, lumps, and bumps. They show a womanly silhouette but not every single detail of your nether regions.

My personal favorite is long swishy tiered skirts. They are delicate, flowy feminine. A long skirt provides a haven for an overstimulated baby, a hand grip for a wobbly tot, and a ready basket for collecting wild flowers. A shorter skirt ( knee length, for me ) shows enough figure for my husband to be pleased, and for me to feel lovely.

The happiness I feel in a skirt overflows into my parenting, and my " wifely " duties. Wearing a skirt ( and feeling good about myself ) has provided a gentle boost in ways I didn't think it would.

And I like it.

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