Sunday, December 6, 2009

Party Hardy, my friends. And eat lots.

We got over a foot of nastiness dumped on us over the last few days. Gross. I couldn't make it out of my parking stall for the damned wind drifted snow, and the roads were about as big of a mess as I've ever seen them. And its not like we had reason to stay home, with everyone semi healthy to mostly healthy.

( Semi to mostly is all I ask for these days, LOL )

I baked a loaf of onion dill bread. oh... onion dill bread, how I love thee. The base was ( again ) Arie's sour cream potato bread. MMMMMM. Actually, it was horrible and i refuse to admit that I ate nearly half the loaf slathered in butter, straight from the oven.

Then I baked these graham blondies. Delicious! Folks, you must make these! oooey... Gooey. YUMMY. And mine. No, I didn't share with the children. I did share with Shannon, my " wife ". She's got two kids - one Mila's age, and one Shayla's age. It makes for lovely playdates!

Shannon's daughter had a party for her birthday yesterday and I braved the snowstorm to go out. WTF was I thinking? First Alex had to 4x4 the car out of the parking spot. ( Gee, that was lovely. The smirk on my husband's face as he EASILY got the car out of the snowdrift from hell that used to be our parking spot.... I won't share blondies with him. Ever. ) Her hubby took some pictures of the kidlets.. .and so, I share them with you.

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