Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I feel accomplished!

I baked a batch of cheese & pepper bread ( oh so delicious! ), and carrot cake muffins yesterday. Hubster actually called to tell me they ROCKED. Thank god, since I was a bit worried. I do not enjoy carrot cake, and I despise cream cheese icing. Everyone loved them... I shared a few among two good friends ;-) one called to tell me she might have had a foodgasm. YAY foodgasm!

Today, I baked a batch of bbq chicken buns, and mini loaves stuffed with potato and onion. I'm very excited to see how they turn out! I forgot to brush them with butter ( oops! ) and so must wait until they are well and golden brown before removing them from the oven.

The kids are happy. Mila and Robby are upstairs playing in the playroom, and Shayla is attempting to eat puffed rice from the tray of her highchair. The dog is sleeping, and my house smells divine and I am WEARING AN APRON.

Life is good.

( I will feed you in return for doing dishes. )

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GRANDPA said...

Honey,good to see you blogging again.