Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why, thank you!

Things I have heard recently :

You are still pregnant! When is that baby due already? ( Said while I was still holding the baby. I've lost 20+ lbs, you jerk )

Just put her down and let her cry. ( That wouldn't have gone over so well with the older one... I'd rather not try it with this one, but.. um... thanks for the advice I didn't ask for? )

The ER is no place for such a tiny baby! ( Really? Because I didn't know that? I thought maybe we could hang out for a bit, lick some dirty chairs, ya know... Normal baby stuff! )

She has a very complex history. ( Yeah... we know. )

You have your hands full. ( Yup, full of blessings. And stop looking at me like you pity me before I tell a child to barf on you. )

Oh, cloth diapering is so much extra work! ( Oddly, not so much. Whats two extra loads of laundry a week? Hot wash, cold rinse. Dry without dryer sheet. Where's the issue? )

You mean you carry around poopy diapers until you go home? ( yep... but her diapers never leak. YOU carry around poopy clothes. )

I don't think my kids woulda liked being carried in a bag like that. ( Its not a bag. I don't think she'd like a bag either. And she doesn't look terribly unhappy right now, does she? I mean... considering how she's fast asleep... )


Anonymous said...

haha...i LOVE this! too funny about the reactions to all your hippie ways...hee hee!

Vegbee said...

This made me laugh! People are just, well, stupid. Cheers to having a sense of humor about it all!