Monday, May 18, 2009

It's snowing. Again. Still.

Tonight, 15-20 cm of snow is expected.


Tomorrow, Alex and I are taking Baby Shayla for a weigh in. At least, I'm planning on it if it isn't a freaking blizzard outside in the MIDDLE OF MAY. WTF, weather... just... wtf?

Shayla continues to be a pretty easy baby. Breastfeeding is getting better. She latched on like a monster the first few days and really damaged me. I won't go into it, but it was seriously, massively unpleasant for a bit there. Today though, I have a moment of " OMG " and then nothing. I'm hoping that's the end of the soreness... and if I recall correctly, it should be :-)

Mila and Robby are adjusting, though its a rocky road with Ms. Mila. Thankfully, my parents are here and have really picked up the slack with getting the kids run around and to the playground etc. It makes a huge difference in the day if both kids get to do some running around. Thankfully, the membership to the Y makes that much easier. i can't wait for summer camp to start but at least there is the indoor playground. Ya know, since its STILL FREAKING SNOWING OUTSIDE. Makes it rather hard to go to the outdoor parks.

And yes... I'm bitter. Very bitter.

Tomorrow will also be Shayla's first day in cloth! EEK! I really can't wait! I'm so excited! I'm not sure what I'm going to do about weighing her in cloth - might just stick a sposie on her for the trip itself, since I'm not that experienced with cloth yet.


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