Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dreary, happy day.

I'm sitting next to a drafty window, watching the day dawning cold and sunless. The sky is an ugly concrete color, matching the mortar in the brick wall across from me. My only view is this wall, the rock filled lot below it, and a slice of sky.

My heart sings with joy.

Two years and a few months ago, I sat in this chair holding a brand new Mila. We nursed through a colorless dawn that day too, with snowflakes falling softly and silently from the dame slice of concrete sky. The same view, the same joy of that day fills me now.

Snuggled into a white flannel blanket is my third child - a daughter again. Motherhood has blessed me again, and my heart sings with happiness that simply overrides the dreary day. Shayla Nikole and I sit here - just as her sister and I sat here - waiting for discharge. Soon, I will bundle her into a pink outfit, snuggle a pink hat onto her head, and protectively buckle her tiny, squirming body into the same carseat that took Mila home. The nurse will wheel us down to the door and Shayla will meet the outside world.

Good morning, world! Are you ready?

Shayla Nikole Kaganovsky
7 lbs, 20 inches
12:30 pm May 11, 2009
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Charity Indietutes said...

Yes! Welcome Shayla, you lucky kid. You've got yourself an amazing mama.

Anonymous said...

congratulations! we just had our baby too and her middle name is nicole as well.
your baby is beautiful; i bet your other kids are over the moon for her!