Friday, March 6, 2009


Mila, post surgery, day 1. Puffy and full of IVs.
Bandaged head.
Still sleeping!

Day two! Less puffy, no blowby. Sucking on a " pop " - mint flavoured, so she kept brushing her teeth with it.

Day three. We're weaning down on her morphine, so she's a bit on the cranky side! Baby still firmly clutched in her arms... and now she's laying on a giant unicorn pillow!


GRANDPA said...

If you feel it is OK,can you post some pictures of the back of Mila's neck?
If not, we'll understand.

Michelle said...

bless her heart...only Mila could have such a beautiful smile in such a predicament...I'm so glad she is doing so well, and hopefully her sleeping and eating will improve, and you can enjoy your precious little family even more than you already do. You are a very lucky women, to be blessed with such strength and endurance. I see only great things in your family's future, Sarah. You certainly deserve it! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

awww, she looks so little and sweet! what a trooper!