Saturday, March 28, 2009

Destash Project #1 - 3 points
Toddler Sundress ( 1 point ), Fabric is 1 year old ( 1 point ), and bias tape is at least 1 year old ( 1 point ). Mila hates it. I will probably gift it, as it will fit any child 2-6 years old ( 6+ as a top rather than a dress )
Destash Project #2 - 4 points
Fabric - 1 year old, Ribbon 1 year old, Button 1 year old, Twill Tape 1 year old. This is a gift for our friend Kristin's little girl. Its a touch too small for Mila but its SO CUTE!

Fabric Destash#3 - PLACEMATS!
4 placemats X 2 fabrics = 8 points. They are a touch wonky, but c'est la vie. We need placemats and the kids LOVE THEM. I think that they will " flatten out" after a few washings - right now they have literally just come out of the sewing machine. And for some odd reason, the fabric does not respond to being ironed AT ALL.
( And yes... Robby promptly spilled something on his LOL )

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