Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Pictures

I hate to keep with just photo posts, but truth be told, the computer here just will not tolerate anything else!

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Anonymous said...

hey sarah; i haven't checked your blog in forever and i had to read back 4 pages just to get the info i was looking for (your due date). i am due on may 30 so all through your posts i was kinda doing the math and was thinking maybe we were around the same time and voila, we totally are! our ultrasound was on jan 6's weird.
and with all that reading, i was able to figure out that you are in florida right now...lucky you! i thought maybe you were just posting old pictures; it looks so warm!
i went and checked out your etsy shop too; seriously, where do you find the time? i opened one and have yet to upload any listings, even though the items are all done because of a craft fair i did back in september. (yes, september) oh and the belts are super cute. i sent the link to my sis in the states; she's been looking for a belt for my nephew and your camo one is awesome.
anyways, have fun in florida (duh!) and i'll have to check your blog more often.