Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mila splish splashing away. She was happy as long as we left her alone.
Mila is unaware that a wave will soon be hitting her. I said " One, two, three! " and she looked over and said " CHEESE! "

Daddy, I do not WANT to be in the water!

Safely back on land.

Robby peering over the waterfall edge of the pool.

Robby splashing happily.

My cute hubby.

Daddy, I said I don't WANT to be in the pool!!!

Look what I can do, Mommy!!!


Michelle said...

Loving the pics, Sar!! You look like you are having a wonderful time....well, the fam does, cause there aren't any pics of you! Always behind the camera, just like a mommy, lol. Keep those pics coming!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice looking family!

Michelle said...

more pictures, please?.......pretty please? Thinking of you all! ((HUGS)) from Michelle & Rory

Jax said...

Fan photos Sarah. Mila is looking so well.