Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to normal... for now.

Coming back home was nice. Sooo nice. The flights went off without a hitch, both people allowing Alex to move next to us rather than across the airplane. This was wonderful, considering how many times Mila yelled " Go pee! Go pee! " and we bundled her off to the airplane washroom.... only to find out that she did not, in fact, need to pee, instead merely needing to get up and stretch her legs.

A funny thing I learned about airplanes?

All the extra emergency masks are on one side of the plane ( the right side ). Lap infants, for reasons unknown, are required to sit in the seats directly IN FRONT of the emergency exits.

These seats do not recline. At all.

Yes. Its *lovely*. While balancing Ms. Has To Go Pee on what little is left of my lap, the lady in front of me reclines ( as is her right, do not mistake my annoyance at our seat "choices" as annoyance at HER ). I attempt to do the same since my breathing room has been reduced from 12" to a mere 7", most of which was occupied with the above mentioned child's head.

But safely home again, in the comfort of our cozy apartment, I'm content. We've got a week before Mila's surgery, most of it filled to the brim with appointments that cannot or should not be rescheduled. FSCD, Feeding Clinic, OB appointments, Neuro appointments....

Back to the grind....

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