Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mila's MicKey

Mila has yet again fallen asleep before anesthesia has even arrived. In just a few min, mila will have her last scheduled procedure! Its amazing to think of all she's been through in this year.

She is truly one heck of a fighter. I will post more as the procedure is complete.
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RissaRoo said...

Praying for Mila...that this will be a quick and easy procedure and that she'll bounce right back, and that you'll be able to close the door on the health issues for good soon. (((big hugs))) to you, you're as much of a fighter as she is! What a year indeed! Mila is lucky to have such a steady, faithful mom.

Michelle said...

I hope everything went well with the surgery. I think about you guys everyday. I appreciate you posting last night. I thought you were upset with me about something since you never replied to my message on facebook when Rory was sick. That's why I've been laying low. I check your blog 3 times a day. I'm sorry I haven't been much support for you lately, especially with you being so sick :( Just know that I miss yas and I never forgot about you girls. I just thought you were sick of me complaining. Maybe you were, lol....anyway, hope you're getting some rest. Please don't post this message. Take Care Sarah.

RissaRoo said...

How's she doing? Hoping that everything is going well and you're both feeling OK.