Monday, October 27, 2008


It's been quite the day!

This morning, I got a call from the GI office that they'd like to push her MicKey Button date up to NEXT WEDNESDAY! WHOOOHOO! I'm soo happy!

I had to call Alex and make sure, then call the GI office back.

Okay... so then I call the pediatrician because he wanted to see Mila before her surgery. He wasn't available so I left a message.

Then I got a call from the GI's office again for them to give me our arrival time ( 7:00am ). I remember to ask about anesthesia, and the GI nurse said it wasn't written in but we'd better check, she'd call me back.

THEN the home health nurse called, and I explained it all to her. She booked us in for HER on Friday at 3:00.

Two minutes later, Home Nutrition Support called! They want to see us too! That appointment is November 17 at 9:00am.

Not five minutes after that, the GI office called again to say Anesthesia would call us for a PreOp consult.

Phone call after Phone call after PHONE CALL!

Upcoming Appointments:

Friday the 31 - Home nurse
November 3rd or 4th - PreOp for Mila / Visit With Ped
November 5th - MicKey for Mila, Thoughts for MIL
November 12th - OB for Cletus the Fetus
November 17th - Home Nutrition for Mila

In other news : October was a decent month for the gallery. HOORAY! Mila's weight is down a teensy bit but we aren't concerned in the slightest because this is very normal. I'm still taking 2-3 Zofran a day to combat the nausea that has only progressed to vomiting a few times. Robby is being a red dragon with gold wings for Halloween. I don't know what Mila will be yet ( I'm thinking a pink unicorn or a fat pumpkin... or I may leave her with my MIL and just take Robby ).

Alex leaves Wednesday to NY. BIG BIG prayers that this is a good trip!

My parents are off to a Bar Mitzvah the same weekend. Have a good flight!

The baby dress is done but not in time for baby! My customer's baby seems to be arriving EARLY!

There really isn't too much else going on!

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