Saturday, July 26, 2008

With Little Trepidation

I will talk very, very quietly, without any hint of bragging.

Mila's weight gain has been decent and we are cleared to start pureed foods through her gtube after insertion!!! What a blessing this will be for her! And with a much, much bigger tube ( 1.5 to 2x the size of what she has for an NG ), she'll be able to get feeds faster and hopefully - less traumatically! Giving her 1 oz ( 30 mls ) of formula takes approximately 15 minutes via syringe right now. Through her gtube, it may take 15 seconds.

Her hand looks better to Alex, though I think it actually looks a bit worse ( I'm concerned at what seems to be fluid under the skin ). She had a super huge vomit the other day, right all over the kitchen floor. Then she slipped in it and smacked her head.

Robby is really, REALLY enjoying camp! His counselors ADORE him, he's made tons of friends, and he has yet to lose anything else. He goes back and forth on how he eats his lunch - some days, every last little bite, and some days, just the fruit bar and granola bar. He also prefers when daddy makes his lunch ( YAY less work for mommy! )

Alex did not get the job he was hoping for, and he was rather saddened by it. I am hoping something better comes our way!

DeeDee peed right in the middle of our bed last night - on herself, on the blanket, and into the mattress. I do not know WTF that's about, but it had better not happen again. I walked her at about 8:30pm last night, and she peed at 4. And Mila's pump beeped alllll night.

All in all though, things are pretty darn good - the weather is good, the pool is warm, and the kids enjoy swimming.

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