Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why hello there!

Hi everyone! *waves* This would be Sarah's most fabulous (and only, but we won't go there) sister, Rachel. She asked me to pop in for a moment and post some pictures of my wedding. It was a blast! The theme was originally "Renaissance Faire" but somehow turned into "Pirates!"

This may be somewhat long, but I would say it is worth it. Well, here goes!

First of all, the cake. Oh my, the cake. The cake turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Isn't it just gorgeous?

Next, and most importantly, the groom. Never have I seen him look so darn handsome! We had all of our wedding finery custom made by a good friend of ours. Colors were purple and silver.

This would be the groom and his family. His father was the best man - the man I was originally "supposed" to marry! When we started, the groom was nowhere in sight. The groomsmen and bridesmaids were up front. In walk the "groom" and this lovely lady. She kisses him and goes to sit down.

Then comes my parents and I. Don't they look amazing? They walk me up to the front, each giving me a kiss before sitting down. I take the "groom's" hands and we look lovingly into each other's eyes before....

PIRATES crash the wedding! They burst through the door that you see behind them, with the actual groom in the party. They challenge the "groom" who then becomes the best man and put my husband in his place.
It was an AMAZING time


GRANDPA said...

Who IS that good looking guy walking along with you and Mom???

rae_of_hope said...

meh...just some guy we picked up on the street.

heh. you looked fabulous dad!