Sunday, June 29, 2008

More On DeeDee

DeeDee is a princess.

Dee weighs 11.5 pounds, so she is perfectly on target for being a mini. She has the physique of a greyhound - slender slender slender! Obviously, her legs are short and squat. Her tail is long and whip thin.

Right now, she eats Iams Small Breed, though we'll be picking up Eukanuba small breed or some variable of canned since DeeDee is a grazer and we'd prefer she'd eat and be done ( mostly because MILA wants to taste the dog food, which is not labeled safe for HC ). We are thinking that DeeDee will enjoy canned food at the " rate " ( Oh, being the mother of a tube feeder ! ) of 1 can per day split into 2 feedings, am / pm. We have researched and 6 oz seems to be the right amount for DeeDee. If we do soft food, however, she'll have to have her teeth brushed more often.

Right now, DeeDee has a double yeasty ear infection. Doxies are prone to these because of their droopy ears. She is taking Panalog, which, surprisingly, its really just Nystatin, which we HAD. Nystatin is commonly used for thrush.

DeeDee has no idea how to play. Its obvious by the state of her teeth that she was at the very least neglected ( or no one though of it since she moved from house to house to house ) if not outright abused. She does not view toys as chew objects. She does not bop around like a playful pup. She greets you enthusiastically, walks with her nose down and her tail awagging, but inside the house, she prefers to cuddle up and be loved.

The only thing we've found that excites DeeDee and captures her attention are rawhide twists. Before everyone jumps down our throat about rawhide... these twists do not splinter. Dee Dee must work very very hard to chew them down, and she works on them only with our watchful eyes upon her. We have tried Nylabones, and DeeDee is NOT iterested. The twists are not even 1cm across, and they are actually tendon and not rawhide I belive. WE are looking into bully sticks. If you do't know what a bully stick is....

Dee Dee prefers our bed, and more specifically, MY pillow. Not terribly fond of this myself. Regardless, we do allow bed sleeping but I think I'm going to pick her up a little bed to put ON our bed in hopes that she leaves my pillow alone.

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GRANDPA said...

Remember those kong toys - you put food in them and the dog has to try to get it out. Dee Dee might enjoy those.