Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Post In Which I am Interrupted Sixty three and a half times

What a hectic ( but very fun ) day!!!

Robby had his little buddy Cian and baby Relena over today while his mum worked and his dad saw the dentist. It was a blast. Its very interesting how the dynamic plays out between the babies. Mila is very determined.

Relena picks up a toy. Mila picks up a toy.

Mila takes Relena's toy and has both.

Relena picks up a new toy.

Mila steals the new toy.

Relena scoots away, and picks up one lonely boring block.

Mila immeaditely snatches the block away.

Very interesting indeed! When I have permission from R & C's parental units, I will post the pictures of the playdate.

We had " bone " sandwiches for lunch - Cookie cutters are such cool things! Cian chose a " bone " cookie cutter and each piece of bread turned into two identical dog bones. A slice of cheese turned into a bone. Suddenly, it was bone sandwiches and two very happy boy puppies.

Robby also had dinosaurs for breakfast! Yummyyyyyy chocolate chip pancake dinosaurs. He even was allowed to cut them using his new Ikea plasticware set. He was so, so proud of himself. Hopefully later tonight I can post those pictures.

Isn't M's dress cute? I could eat her all up!!! I had to bribe Robby for this smile. He can be such a little ham when he wants to, but the minute the camera comes out, he is Mr. Grumpypants!

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