Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Sunday

It is sunny and warm outside. The house is all clean, minus a few dishes from lunch that I will handwash. The dishwasher is finished running and will be unloaded before my inlaws are here this evening for dinner. Mila is napping, Robby is out shopping with Sophia, and Alex is at work.

My sink has been shiny, I am on Day 10, (thats right DAY TEN!) of eating a healthy salad, and all the beds in the house are made. There is no damp laundry in the washer getting moldy, my bathroom is neat and put together, my toilet is clean, and my floors are freshly mopped.

I am awaiting the arrival of vomit on the freshly mopped floors, mind you.

I am back on the Flylady wagon. I am feeling very calm and collected these days without my house in Chaos. Its amazing how fast the house would go back to being a trainwreck ( hello, dirty socks on the floor - they breed into underwear and shirts! ), but I am working very very hard on getting everything into alignment. I want, very very much, to be better and keeping everything organized, and I want to instill that in Robby. I want the desire - and the ability - to keep things from exploding into pigpenness to be something I can give my children.

I am the worst housekeeper. I find it easier to ignore a mess than to spend the five minutes cleaning it up. And it is LITERALLY five minutes most of the time! I mean, how hard is it to pick up the toys instead of complaining about them? Why does it take so much effort to move my dishes from the table into the dishwasher, without letting them collect in the sink? Why, why oh god, have I not learned to do this before?

Every night, I am spending fifteen minutes getting ready for the next day. Just 15 minutes and my mornings are so much calmer. Gone are the days of spilling coffee grounds into the water resevoir, juggling a squirmy almost toddler in my half sleep. Gone are the days of transversing the neck breakingly steep stairs in the dark, mindless of toys cluttering the way, awaiting a soft foot on a hard corner. GONE! Gone I tell you!

My nighttime routine - the most important one - is also among the shortest. Here it is, in its entitery :

Load & Run Diswasher
Pick up Toys
Give Mila 11 oclock feeding & meds
Wipe Counters & tables
Clean Feeding Pump Set
Load Coffee Pot
Shine Sink
Take Pills

Its wonderful. I cannot tell you how wonderful. I wish the world would know - my house is CLEAN.

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