Sunday, November 4, 2007

The First SnowFall

I have to admit... it was really beautiful out this morning. Fresh white snow makes everything look clean, even if you do have to walk like a penguin to navigate ice. I was wrong - we do have a snowsuit that fits Mila... Her beautiful suede and faux fur jacket is out of the question - she's *afraid* of it! However, the snowsuit that I thought would be to small actually fit perfectly. She's so cute. The mittens and booties are b*tch to get one though, so I'm glad I have my own to use. All bundled up, she fell asleep with cold crisp air kissing her face.

Robby slipped and slid all of the place, running through the powder. He grabbed a few handfuls sans gloves, since we discovered his gloves from last year don't fit... The boy's HANDS grew, but his feet didn't! His boots from last year fit just fine! We did run over to the store - I needed a hat, Robby needed gloves, and we needed curtain rods. And I got some poker vinyl in blue and red that will match robby's nascar sheets pretty well, and I'll back it with his blue striped fabric. My goal is to have his curtains up tonight, and mine as well. They are simple pocket rod curtains... I just hope I have enough fabric for our room to double it since I don't have extra to line it with.

Oh, whats that? You don't care about my curtains? You want pictures?

Fine :-)

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