Monday, July 16, 2007

Update on Ms. Skinny Chicken

Here is Mila and I modeling the new sling! Its fairly comfortable but I need to sew the pleats down into order behind my shoulder so it cups a bit better. They tend to slip over my arm a bit. Other than that, I am totally loving it! Woulda been better if I had remembered to backstitch, but a few stitches over the existing thread should anchor them down. Learning as I go, so to speak :-) Its my first successful sewing project, and it wasn't an easy one. I even had to IRON!!! And PIN! I did cheat a bit and tape some areas down... For what its worth, the ribbon accent on the shoulder was to cover up some seriously unstraight, unflattering stitch work. OOPS!
Closeup of the shoulder accent - pink paisely ribbon. I'm in love. It was a nightmare to sew through, though!
The skinny chicken herself! We had our feeding specialist appointment today. Of course, like always, she was so enthralled with the new surroundings and the therapist herself that she down a 3.5 oz bottle in just a few minutes, with none of the screaming that usually ensues. However, based on what the therapist COULD see, we are ( so far ) going with the diagnosis of SILENT INFANT REFLUX. Mila is refluxing acid and formula into her esophegus and throat, but she swallows it down. Unfortunetly, it burns both ways :-(. She's basically trained herself right out of being hungry and wanting to eat. Her treatment right now is baby Zantac ( to make her less acidic ), thickened formula ( to help keep it in her tummy, and to prevent it going down her windpipe as she eats ), an X cut nipple ( so she can get the formula out of the bottle easier ), and spacing her feeds. She has to really be hungry so she can get back into a good cycle. It should be HUNGRY - Eat - Feel good for a few hours - HUNGRY, etc.
Mr. I am going to camp boy! He is SO enjoying the Chabad house camp. Its a little tough in the AM to deal with Mila's first feed, getting Robby ready, getting Mila ready, and getting Robby to EAT before he goes. He rarely eats his lunch there, so he absolutely must eat a decent breakfast ( egg, pancake, or waffle + chocolate milk or juice + fruit ). Since he is staying till 3:30 now, skipping breakfast AND lunch would mean one very cranky boy. Its also making him REALLY tired. Today after camp, he passed out on the couch and took a 2.5 hour nap!

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