Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday Night

We had a gooood day today, although I've caught Robby's cold. Mila had a long awake period this morning - nearly three hours!! After that, she slept on and off for most of the day... and then had another good awake period from about 7:00 to 10:30 or so. She screamed for a while we ate our dinner ( nachos with lean ground beef, cheese, refried beans, salsa, and fresh onions , YUM ) and then she had a bath. Hopefully, the bathing will help clear up her " baby acne " that has taken over her scalp and spots on her face.

Robby was extremely well behaved today and may earn some of his toys back. After refusing to help me clean his room yesterday, I put most of his toys into garbage bags. I think he was overwhelmed by the amount of toys in his room, because rather than just making a huge mess, he played quite well with what was left - markers & paper, toy cars, blocks, and puzzles. I think that I am going to freecycle most of his stuffed animals, leaving only those that have special meaning : squishy, and the elmo's will likely be all that remains.

Tomorrow, Alex will start moving the gallery back to its primary location, which should make work more interesting and busy. Hopefully he won't be too tired, because he has been GREAT about helping me around the house.

Tuesday marks Mila's one month birthday. I am going to try to take some "portrait" style pictures of her for each of her "monthly" birthdays and then compile them into a nice scrapbook page for her. I have for Robby scrapbook pages at three, six, nine, and twelve months. At the very least, I hope to have a decent scrapbook for Mila as well. I will post some of her pages tomorrow, but so far, my favorite of HER pages is this one :

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