Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm baccccck!

I have no voice, so pardon the lack of phone calls. Robby is doing very well and being very active. Yesterday he had a playdate with Julian and we hit Galaxyland. That always is a good time for him. Both were so exhausted. We mothers got Starbucks and chilled out, laughing and having a good time. I wish Chrystil lived closer - she's my only real friend in florida and I miss her like crazy. We have such a BLAST together.

Mila is doing wonderful ... The baby acne has gotten much worse!!! She looks diseased!!! Today I picked up some .5% cortisone cream which in just two applications has RREALLLYYY helped. At her next ped appointment, I am going to find out if maybe its excema - I've *never* seen baby acne this bad... There are HUNDREDS of tiny little pimple/blisters, with not even a sq cm of her face or scalp clear. She's still beautiful to me though!

Tomorrow is Mila's baby shower... So in the morning, I will put a pin in Mila's outfit, and salt in her pocket... and hopefully that will ward off the evil eye that someone is sure to give her. I don't actually believe in any of this, but it certainly isn't going to hurt. I love my in laws enough to do this for them ( and for Mila... we don't want any evil eyes! ).

I got two AWESOME gifts for Mila - both from my one Canadian Friend - a blue ring sling with silver rings, and a turtleshell carrier. I honestly thought the baby bjorn was the be all end all of baby carriers - until I put this one on! After THREE HOURS of shopping, my back hurt NOT AT ALL... of course, because its FLEECE, we were both sweating like crazy. I'll have to figure something else out for summer :-(
I still need some practice in the ring sling, but Mila DID enjoy it while I had her in there. Yesterday, she fell right asleep!
Hope all is well out in Blogger land!

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CZ said... who's Chrystil?? And I'm betting she doesn't live in Florida :)

I'm so glad things are doing well... (yes, I'm more up-to-date here than I am on the Fly group!!)

Keep the news and pics coming... can't wait to meet the new addition!! Let me know what dates you'll be down here in Florida :) :) :)